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Questions guide 

This guide, elaborated carefully by me, contains informations about booking appointments, as well as how's the process of my work on tattoo sessions and creating illustrations. If there's any questions or doubts, feel free to contact me.


Who I am and my career as a tattoo artist:

My name is Elissa Rocabado, I am a woman, artist, mother, creative and since the beginning of my story I have had an intimate dialogue with drawing, botany, gardening, artistic admirations and aesthetic sensitivity. Today I work as an artist whose background includes surfaces, thinking about clothing in fabrics, prints, human bodies with tattoos, totaling 19 years of experience on this journey.

I started my career in product development and printing in national and international clothing companies and after a big life change I decided to learn the craft of tattooing in 2011, 13 years ago. Along with the emergence of social networks, my research into Botanical TATTOO gains desire and recognition in Brazil and later in the world, I tattoo and think about the tattoo market, and produce content that is an expressive part of my current time.

I am an enterprising, autonomous woman and I carry out my work with creativity and detail.


Cost of Tattooing with Me:

My pricing is based on an hourly rate and is valued around U$275 hour/rate.  In the form, there is an option for reduced pricing, intended for self-employed professionals facing financial difficulties.

[Examples of tattoo time and costs - click here]

Payment can be made via bank transfer, installment in up to 3x on credit card, or arranged in-person.

To schedule, I require an upfront deposit , which secures the time slot, day, and enhances the value of my service process.


Where I Work and How to Schedule a Tattoo Session or Request a Custom Design Proposal.

I primarily work in São Paulo - Capital/Brazil.

I am currently part of an artistic collective called Casa Gira, which is a private studio comprising 8 female artists.

To schedule a session, please fill out the FORM with the information you wish to share to assess available hours in the agenda's progress [WhatsApp click here]

I frequently travel according to client demand.

In 2024, I have planned several destinations, which depend on a minimum number of clients for my travel.




MAY - EUROPE (to be confirmed)




What I have to offer other than tattoos:

- Licensing of products in creative and material collaborations.

- Request for custom art, which can be original art or print, within previously agreed sizes.

- Creation of collective thought projects taking into account the following values: FEMINISM, SOCIAL RACIALITY, VALUING NATURE, Brazil Botanical research, Biology and Science values.

If you have any questions, I am available to clarify.

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