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Creation process

 I chose, due to my years of experience, to draw only on the day of our session, after meeting you in person, talking and creating the design that will be tattooed. 

FreeHand means drawing with markers directly on the skin and then tattooing this jointly created drawing. No decals or any drawings made on another surface, whether on paper, iPad or any other medium.

It is also necessary to take into account the entire three-dimensionality of the body; paints, scars, and nearby tattoos occur together with the proposed drawing made with colored pens on the skin.

The theme of my tattoo work is with BOTANICAL ENGRAVINGS, FLORA / FAUNA, and only with the color black and fine line fillings (hachures).

For other works that do not include tattoos, such as paintings on canvas, drawings, engravings, I am willing to provide more


Prices for tattoo session

To confirm the appointment

Commitment deposit:

To confirm the appointment, I request a deposit ofR$300 , and this amount is deducted from the total tattoo session.

If you need to reschedule, I ask that you notify us up to 48 hours before the session, if you do not show up without informing us, the deposit will be forfeited and this rescheduling will take up to 3 months for us to do, after which the deposit will not be returned. 

The tattoo session

The valuation of my work is based on hours/working, and the hourly rateR$550.


- Some examples of session duration and the time it took each - (click) 

Payment methods :
PIX or view via DOC or TED.

Installments via bank slipup to 3x, first payment in cash and subsequent payments scheduled on the day of the session.


Examples of sessions and values

Each tattoo exemplified here was performed by me, and serves as an estimate of the duration of a session.
Different parts of the body and techniques may vary in this time.

forearm example

This tattoo on the forearm lasted 3 hours, between drawing and finishing the tattoo.

3h x [current hour/rate] per hour = 3xvalue.


This session lasted 4 hours, between drawing and finishing the tattoo.

4h x [current hour rate] = 4xvalue.


We carried out this project in 3 sessions, one dedicated to creating the drawing and all the contour lines (3 hours). Another for upper filling (2h30) and another for the posterior (2h30)

session 1 - R$ 1,650

session 2 - R$ 1,100

session 3 - R$ 1,300 

What to expect for the day

What to expect at the time of your appointment.

On the day we schedule our meeting, I will be waiting for you promptly and we will talk about ideas, desires and start studying to start the tattoo on the same day.

Until that day arrives, the entire process is carried out byWhatsapp with me or Alana (who will kindly take care of organizing my schedule), if necessary, we can also have a previous video call in case there are any questions and because I don't live in São Paulo.

We will look at planned techniques and design details together to achieve the desired aesthetic and finally, tattoo.

For a better flow in the studios I work in, I ask that you AVOID bringing companions, as it is a collective space between several tattoo artists and their clients.

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