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Today my friend send me this link, with Sudan Archieves. I already known her work, but this video was breathtaking for me, so, I decided to research more about her and her career, but it's importante to note the producers of this web-video:

like they say: Come, stay a while, and be taken away. The thing there's interest to me, was, I usually listen Spotify as my major streaming app, but I really love video clips, they say the future is videos, but take SO MUCH WORK, and has so many people involved to do one videoclip, that makes me think... maybe just doing playlist, listen to mix cloud doesn't get me in touch with the caring of listen to someone / so, as references that cross my path, here it is, Sudan Archives.

- I'm not, and dunno have interest to be criticism of anything, remind, this is a bunch of references for me as person and an artist -

Born Brittney Parks, the self-taught musician spent her childhood shopping for African jewelry at thrift stores across Cincinnati, before decamping at the age of 20 to Los Angeles. There, she rediscovered the music of West Africa while tinkering with the xylophones, shakers, and one-string instruments at Motherland Music in Inglewood. “The reason why I’m still playing violin is because of these West African one-string instruments,” she says. “Seeing people of color, people who look like me, play those Stone Age–looking instruments pushed me to keep playing.”

“When I made the move to leave my parents’ house, it was my first time on an airplane. I really had to believe in myself because, I was doing all these things I’d never done before,” Archives says. “When will I ever get this opportunity again?”

Once she arrived in L.A., a friend who had heard some of her music—an intriguing fusion of violin-driven electronic folk—offered her a place to stay. Shortly after, another friend had a room open up in her Highland Park home, and Archives has been there ever since.

The violin occupies a curious place in Western culture, conjuring images of powder-wigged men cradling its hollow, dainty body, and long-limbed women at weddings meditatively drawing its bow. That is not the same stodgy instrument played by the electro-R&B musician Sudan Archives, who has awakened the full potential of the violin to dizzying, dazzling, and, at times, disturbing effect.

In this case, better than write so many words, let's see a bunch of great songs, and beautiful videos.

her official site:




Thank you, E-d-d-u ;)

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