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Illustration // Erté

“Look at me, I’m in another world-a dream world that invites oblivion. People take drugs to achieve such freedom from their daily cares. I’ve never taken drugs. I’ve never needed them. I achieve a high through work” Erté.

My background is mostly based in fashion industry, when I was teenager I was fascinated by old magazines, dressing manuals, color of the year, how we communicate about ourselves/ how we feeling today by the way we choose our clothes, it's like without saying anything I'm able to transcript my state of mind by fabrics that's cover my body. Working in this field for almost 11years, that leads me to botanical illustrations at the begging to do textiles, and develop to tattoos and then commissioned works with biologists , etc.

At lasts years working with fashion, I was struggle to woke up everyday and complete loose what I really like at the begging, when you face the real structure, egos, employee of big companies, travel with no time for nothing I become to question myself, when will be the best time to drop-off? There's no answer! To become a self employee is a path that u need to trust in your talent or feeling, and be able to manage our time with our routine, and the end of the month pay all our bills, seems a faithful view, but guess what? And then, u gave TIME!!!

So depends of you, if that time that you gain, will be with quality or not, respect your body, mind and made a good routine of sleep, eat, decompressing times and work times. - this blog is a decompressing time, haha -

Erté has a big influence on my art work, and also was the first illustrations with so many details that I can remind myself excited to " discover " that person, and his work. Was a old Harpers Bazaar in some antique store.

Romain de Tirtoff, known by ERTÉ was a Russian-born, French artist and designer. He was a 20th-century artist, in a arrow of fields fashion industry, jewelry, graphic arts, costume, set designer for film, theatre, opera and interior decor.

It is not surprising that Erté's imaginative designs for fashion, theater, opera, ballet, music hall, film and commerce achieved such renown, for they are as crisp and innovative in their color and design as they are elegant and extravagant in character, and redolent of the romance of the pre- and post-Great War era, the period when Erté's hand became mature, fully developed and representative of its time.

Ertés unique style as transitional Art Deco, because it bridges the visual gab between fin-de-siècle schools of Symbolism, with its ethereal quality, Art Nouveau, with its high ornament, and the mid-1920s movement of Art Deco, with its inspirational sources and concise execution. Much of what we recognize today as Art Deco design was crafted by Erté through his strong and timeless aesthetic. Spanning many areas of visual culture, including illustrations for fashion magazines, costumes for opera and ballet, and sculpture and set design for theater, Erté’s signature style set the tone for the modern era, his designs, silhouettes and movement influenced dancers of all genres and styles, inspiring countless imitations, also influenced future costume designers.

The impact of Erté’s contributions to the principles of contemporary fashion, design, and theater, and setting the visual pace within the 20th century, cannot be underestimated. His work set the precedent for the interconnection of art and culture. Erte art encapsulates the taste and aesthetic of the time, with influences drawn from diverse sources such as Russian iconography, Byzantine mosaics, Greek pottery and Indian and Egyptian art.

The artist’s preferred medium. All known works, with one exception, are pen and ink for early fashion drawings and gouache on paper for theater, Revue and Harper’s Bazaar covers.

When Erte died in 1990 at the age of 98, he left behind an enormous collection of his work from his long and distinguished career, not only as an Artist but also as a designer for Films, Theatre and Opera.

Some of his artworks, a fewwww of them. ( scroll left and right to see more )

Thank you, Erté. (official site )


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