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design postcards 

penpall project

Postcard Exchange Project with the aim of establishing a connection with people who follow my content on Instagram and provoking something much bigger and creative than the already known inertia about watching something or someone on Instagram.

I, Elissa Rocabado, am a creature who feels: lack, longing, connection, the desire to draw that is not just in a tattoo session and this project comes as a challenge in my routine, doing a little each week (without worrying about the it takes time for each one, I invest around 1 hour focused on my day, for each drawing ), and physically go to the post office, place the stamps and let paper travel that has my time invested in it, at no cost, to people who want it receive these papers that passed through my hands.

We are used to PAYING with money for everything we appreciate. However, as an artistic and caring gesture, I decided to share my postcard collection acquired at the New York Botanical Garden and create drawings that replace my words.

Each drawing is unique and is produced with careful craftsmanship, using pens, pencils, motor coordination and a passion for studying plants and flowers.

Did you like it ? so send me a record of the postcard you received, in whatever form, on a coffee table or in a book to:, or via direct message on Instagram or tagging my user @elissarocabado.

Below are some shares:


Front and Back (video)

Materials and drawing table (video)

Drawing being made (video)

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