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Studio and care


address studios I work at

São Paulo

Private studio located in the Paraíso neighborhood, close to Paulista and metro lines.
Rua Professor João Marinho, 110 - Paraíso/ São Paulo, SP


Rio de Janeiro

Private studio located in the Largo do Machado at Rio de Janeiro.


Private Studio, apps only.  Weserstr. 53, 12045 Berlin, Germany



September 2024, more details follow on Instagram.



Septemper 2024 , more details follow on Instagram.

New York City

Appts only studio in Greenpoint / Brooklyn, close to G subwayline.
1047 Manhathan Ave, Brooklyn / NYC


Procedures and care before the session


For the healing process to be effective and hassle-free, I ask my clients to generously apply body moisturizer to the part (or parts) that will be the tattoo, in addition to drinking water regularly 3/4 days before the session.

immune system

The pandemic is still going on, whether it's covid, influenza, or any other virus, it's very important that you're feeling well to tattoo, mentally and physically. And especially with food, self-care for the mind and body, being prepared for the moment we will have.


At all times while we are drawing and tattooing, we will wear masks and have a complete vaccination schedule. And if you are experiencing Covid symptoms, please reschedule our session in order to protect everyone in our community.

confirmation date

When I travel to your city to meet my clients, I make a financial plan for the number of days I have to work, studio rates and accommodation. About a week before our appointment, I will call you again to confirm the date we set before.


If you are unable to attend on the day and time you have scheduled, let me know and we will see a better date for the future based on availability on your calendar. 

And I ask you to let me know in advance.


For tattoos that are multi-session projects, we make the appointment at the end of the first session according to the months that I will be in your city.

Care after tattooing

Plastic film and the first 4h


It is important to keep your tattoo protected, either with protective film or plastic wrap, for the next 4 hours.

After this period, the skin will have a local fever that, within a few days, begins the wound healing process. In this process, I ask you to help the body with natural healing butters, coconut oil/grapeseed/sunflower/copaiba, maintain the part of the body breathing and avoid tight clothing in the tattoo area.

Watch your habits

Food and restrictions

This part is completely personal, the tattoo being an injury requires the body to concentrate for a few days to heal it perfectly, eating lightly, lots of water and avoiding allergenic foods (those you may have been allergic to before), and excesses, whatever they may be. with drinks, fats, psychedelics and other drugs.

The body needs time, and perhaps this is a good opportunity to observe yourself and what you put into your body.

Take a few days please

Exercise / Beach and pool

Following the same principle of the body reestablishing itself, I ask my clients to rest from high-intensity exercise for the next 4/5 days and, if possible, avoid swimming pools and the sea for the next 10 days, until the initial layer of the skin develops protection.

That record for me


If you feel comfortable, know that I love receiving photos of the tattoo after healing (after 15 days after the session), just as a record and if you allow, I can put them on this website as a portfolio.

The session takes place with a commitment, yours and your trust in me, and how the skin will accommodate all the micro drops of ink, it depends on this care and if you still have any doubts, I am at your disposal.

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